The Treasure Of Lake Kaban trailer

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russianlaraWhy, yes – that is a shameless Russian rip-off of Lara Croft that we see. My attention was drawn to this release from May, by a colleague from my Manga Mania days, Jonathan Clements, who bumped into it as a Russian in-flight movie. He says:

The tagline shrugs: “Nyet vremeni obyasnyat” (There’s no time to explain). And apparently there isn’t, as a frustrated army doctor-turned-archaeologist, a nutjob who thinks he’s an alien, and a Russian navy conscript trying to find enough cash to buy out his commission, all converge on the small republic, where local colour amounts to a whole bunch of relics of Russian’s Mongol marchland – dances, cossacks, daggers, and most memorably in the gene pool, if the smouldering Elvira Ibragimova (that’s her in the shorts) is anything to go by.

While apparently playing more for comedy than anything else, it certainly can’t be much worse than The Cradle of Life. Certainly, the trailer below seems to suggest it’s every bit Lara’s equal in terms of production values.

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