Con Licencia Para Matar

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We’ve covered a couple of examples of Mexitrash before, in La Guerrera Vengadora 2, El Jardinero 2 and Perra Maldita: here is a vintage example. This clip comes from a 1968 film called Con Licencia Para Matar, which translates as “With a License To Kill” – I hear the Broccolis preparing a law-suit as we speak. It stars Emily Cranz, Maura Monti and Barbara Angely as three women who have ‘normal’ lives by day, but fight crime and international terrorists by night. It proved popular enough to merit a sequel, Muñecas peligrosas. Now, where can we find the whole thing…?

[Update, December 2013. I now have a source for the whole film, albeit without subtitles. We’ll see what happens in 2014!]

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