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This is not the only domain we run:


The following sites share an approach, style or ethos with us – we may not necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed therein, but they are definitely worthy of your attention.


  • Girl With Gun – Girls, Guns and Games. Hotseatgunner will waste your entire weekend. :-)
  • Lethal Lipstick – We don’t generally link to “pay-per-view” sites, but this one is more legit than most, with original content and a willingness to listen to their customers that’s admirable.
  • Tac Girls – Calendars and Galleries
  • Action Flick Chick – Join the Action Flick Chick as she builds her library of action movie reviews, news and interviews.
  • Girls With Guns – also girls with cars, swords, and in what must be a first, tools.
  • Jim’s Grand Adventure – Girls With Guns Pics and Stories
  • The Cat Army Girls – [seems down at this point]
  • Girls & Guns – Female action movie stars [currently being rebuilt]

Miscellaneous link love


Female action heroines crop up in less obvious places too. Here are some interesting pieces found elsewhere on the Internet.


I was over 30 years old before I touched a real gun and I’ve only done so once. But if you’re looking for information, these might help.

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