Girls With Guns Calendars 2015

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Welcome to our fifth annual round-up of girls with guns calendars! This year brings the return of some old friends, but there are also some new entries to be considered. Below, you’ll find prices, sample images and links to purchase for all the calendars we could find. We’ll add more as we find them, since there’s still three months left in the year…

TACGIRLS – $18.00

“The Tactical Girls® 2015 gun calendar starts in January of 2015 and brings you 13 months of hot girls with some of the world’s most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings. It includes gun specifications and trivia from military, law enforcement and firearms history and, of course, the beautiful Tactical Girls Calendar Girls. Fill that 12″ x 24″ empty space on your Man Cave, garage, barracks or tent wall with 13 months of Girls With Guns. The 2015 Tactical Girls Calendar includes the Drake Stalker .50 BMG Sniper Rifle, the Kel-Tec RFB Battle Rifle, and the FNP-45 Tactical Pistol. Also a first for this year, we have an AT4 Anti-Tank Weapon! along with a variety of belt fed machine guns, battle rifles, AR platforms and pistols all with gorgeous models in realistic settings”



This is one of those entries which is still in preparation at this point, but creator Michael Zinn was kind enough to send us the sneak pic on the right, as a teaser for what is to come. You can also check out the site, or indeed, take a look at our interview with Michael from earlier in the year, to get an idea of the concept and execution. Credit-cards at the ready…



via – $18.00

“A quick glance at the world of special operations military forces from a bikini clad tactical perspective. The sexy women of Liberty Belles pay homage to special operations military forces within the US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and US Army. The woman of Liberty Belles are adorned in tactical gear and custom fit bikini uniforms to showcase anyone from US Navy Seals, to US Army Rangers. Twelve months of pure action that specializes in portraying female tactical operators from an ultra-sexy perspective. 12 Months with bonus pull out poster! 12″x9″ folds out to 12″ x 18″”


GUNS & LACE – $14.99

“The Mayans fell short when it came to putting sexy in their calendar! On your office, living room, garage, or gun library wall, you will love keeping track of the days with this beautiful 2015 Guns and Lace Calendar that features 12 of the hottest girl shooters around. Did we mention they are cradling the latest in hot and collectible firearms!?”

MTKL – $15.00

The world’s first Israeli army women calendar! Having scoured the ranks of the powerful Israeli army, MTKL has created a wall calendar which brings together a collection of the chosen amongst the chosen people, REAL women soldiers of the IDF. This calendar features stunning images of real Israeli soldier women, showing a side of Israelis the world rarely sees; attractive, egalitarian, and unapologetic. MTKL 2015 is a 12″x12″ wall hanging calendar printed on premium quality paper. Built to last.


via Zazzle – $22.10


HOT SHOTS 2015 – $14.99

Now in its eighth year the iconic Hot Shots Calendar has returned to its military roots to celebrate the brave jobs our armed forces undertake unselfishly, day in, day out. As always our main aim is to raise money and awareness for Wounded Veteran Charities in the UK and the USA while at the same time showcasing the industry’s latest, cutting edge military equipment, as well as some classic items from years gone by. The unique outfits you see have again been exclusively designed by Caleb Crye.

Shot this year on location in Salt Lake City, USA, it’s with great pride that we welcome back legends Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall and Daisy Watts as well as introducing the new girls. From Denmark, Zienna Eve; from the USA, Cindy Prado; from the UK, Lauren Rhodes; and from Wales, UK, Hot Shots Top Gun Competition Winner Jessica Davies.


GUNS AND CAMO – $13.95

“This hunting calendar hits the target. Guns and Camo features beautiful camo clad ladies in a variety of hunting locations that appeal to hunters everywhere.” One of the veterans of the field, this is their 10th year of production.



  • 16 month
  • Poster Size 17″x 28″ when hung up
  • Printed on high quality art paper
  • Includes bonus 12 month poster!



Only available to pre-order at this point, and with an expected shipping date of December 24, I wouldn’t be inclined to rely on delivery for Christmas, if you’re getting it as a gift… The site also mentions a limited edition, NFSW version. No pics of that, teasing bastards!



Cannon Valley Trading – $25.00

Not sure if the price is in Australian Dollars, for this may be our first calendar from Down Under, where women glow and men plun… Er, you get the idea. Anyway, according to the creators, this was “photographed in Melbourne with 100% Aussie girls. Very tastefully done with girls in Bikini holding a handgun or rifle.” They add, with typically dry Aussie wit, that, “This is a calendar you can hang up in the shed and the wife probably won’t be that worried about it.”



via their Facebook page – £13 each inc p+p [in the UK]

This one’s a little different – more in line with the idea of Calendar Girls, if you saw that movie, with a selection of women, in all shapes and sizes, posing (tastefully!) nude with their weapons. All proceeds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation, so you’ll also be helping raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

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