Girls With Guns of the Olympics

You’ve probably been watching as much of the Olympics as we have. If so, you’ve likely been enthralled by the skill, dedication and talent of the participants, all of whom truly deserve the label of “action heroines”. We marveled at the gymnasts, floating through the air. We were amazed by the table-tennis players, whose skills far surpass our feeble efforts at “ping pong”. And we’ll be petitioning for the start of an international handball league, effective immediately [if it can replace the NFL, so much the better!]

But this is not a handball site (though the idea has its appeal…). So, below, find a selection of pics from favorite Olympians in our particular area of expertise. Which is, of course, mostly the shooting events – but we’ll throw in a couple of archers, fencers and even a modern pentathlete, just because we can!

Amber Hill (UK)

Adrienn Tóth (HUN)

Alexandra Longova (SLV)

Aya Medany (EGY)

Charlotte Kerwood (UK)

Chiara Cainero (ITA)

Corey Cogdell (US)

Daria Vdovina (RUS)

Emilie Evesque (FRA)

Inna Deriglazova (RUS)

Jana Beckmann (GER)

Jennifer McIntosh (UK)

Jennifer Nichols (US)

Kaylie Browning (US)

Khatuna Narimanidze (GEO)

Laura Asadauskaite (LIT)

Leila Gyenesei (HUN)

Louise Laursen (DEN)

Ning Wei (CHI)

Olga Kharlan (UKR)

Raya Zin Aldden (SYR)

Robyn Van Nus (AUS)

Siling Yi (CHI)

Veronika Marchenko (UKR)

Yu Xiumin (CHI)

And finally, one who didn’t quite make it. Geena Davis, who took part in the archery trials for the American team to the 2000 Olympics. She didn’t qualify – but how damn cool would it have been if the star of The Long Kiss Goodnight had become an Olympic archer?

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