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Chocolate (2008) [Thailand] - Jeeja Yanin

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 Post subject: Chocolate (2008) [Thailand] - Jeeja Yanin
PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:31 pm 

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Didn't think the official trailer was that great, so I went looking for music videos and found these by koikele, which have parts that are brilliantly timed to the music. This can take a lot of tedious trial and error to do well, but much headway has been made in automating interesting syncs with the site, which analyzes visual movement and shifts clips' position in the video to match it to beats in the music (and speeds up or slows them down slightly for a better match). You can feed it a bunch of short clips and it will produce a music video automatically that usually has several parts that work very well. Randomly shuffle the clips and repeat, and, upon combining the best parts of each, a great (or, if not great, certainly funny) MV comes into existence without having to plot out something in your mind in advance (which often doesn't work out in reality like you imagined anyway). (You also get lots of interesting failures and a sense of just how awful most of the possibilities are in terms of being laughably arbitrary or implying something that seems heartless or in bad taste.) 6 of them, in order of preference:


Picks up at 1:10, so I modified the link to start there. Either this one or the next is my favorite because the helpless, mournful tone of the song is at odds with the rapid, aggressive visual action yet is made to match perfectly with it so you can't make up your mind what reaction you're supposed to have. You keep relaxing into the music and then getting hit a second later with the realization of which visual movement what you heard was matched to and trying to reconcile the two.


0:55 - She seems in danger of relaxing into the peaceful feeling of the song and getting caught off guard but turns around and kicks the guy to match "you" as if she was just taking a moment to kick back and put her feet up or rest her head on a hand while enjoying the song.
1:22 - The matching of "toniiiiiiight" to the guy falling unconscious from being kicked making it seem as if he's snuggling in to a warm bed.
2:02 - "to feeeel your body next to mine" as she's grabbed from behind and then "I can't go ooooooon" with each guy seeming to get a kick in to match one more drawing out of the word "on."


Great, with a sharp, aggressive song this time, but switches to footage of real injuries at 3:00 for the rest, an example of where you start to cringe at the bad taste of the syncs.

1:07 - Pause before her punch matches the pause in "That's not"
1:42 - "They call me Jane" The guy seemed to expect his punch to connect at "Jane" but it 'misses' as if he got her name wrong and she hits him right afterward as if to correct him.


Picks up at 1:12, so I modified the link to start there. Best part starts at 2:12


Has some slideshow interludes, but bear with it. Best part starts at 2:12.


This was the first one and shows how good the others are by comparison and makes a good example of how this can go wrong. It uses a generic, monotonous song, but the bigger issue is that the syncs, while there's a lot of them, just seem to be put there artificially and have little emotional impact. Too many syncs is just numbing, especially when the syncs are exactly right on the beats and especially when done several times in a row. It becomes more interesting when the movement comes a little before or after the beat so that the actors seem to be hearing the music (if not literally, then channeling the emotional rhythm it has) and either anticipating the beats (as if they're well-familiar with the song and so excited/impatient/showy they jump the gun) or reacting to the music (as if they're responding with a delay due to emotion from hearing the music for the first time or from being delayed from responding by the events occurring). Otherwise it seems like it was artificially tacked on and the actors are just puppets for the MV editor.

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